​Vocal Technique and Performance Coaching 
​The focus for each person is unique. Deborah loves to specialize in helping students enhance their creativity and connect with their performance abilities. In her instruction she offers tailored guidelines in support of each student.  


"Incredibly supportive and very rigorous."
​"Studying with Deborah has been a life-changing experience for me. Listening to her sing, I knew that she was a brilliant vocalist. and when I started singing lessons with her I discovered that she’s an equally gifted teacher — one of the best I’ve ever found in any discipline. She has a unique approach grounded in the physiology of the human voice, which she understands more deeply than any other voice teacher I’ve ever met. She’s both incredibly supportive and very rigorous. An unbeatable combination. I’ve learned more about my own voice and my own musicality in a year with Deborah than I had in my previous 40 years as a performer. And if all that weren’t enough, a lesson with Deborah is serious fun!”
                                        ~ Corey Fischer (Actor, director, playwright, songwriter,
                                               founding member, Traveling Jewish Theatre)

"A real pro..." 
“ It was evident during my first few lessons that Deborah is a real pro. In a short period of time, I was achieving things with my voice that I did not think would ever happen...Deborah is a natural teacher and blends kindness with tough love. She knows when she needs to push her students past their comfort zone to really achieve new heights.” 
                                ~ Janet Benjamin, Head Fundraiser Guide Dogs for the Blind

"A gift for holding a safe, judgement-free space..."
“Deborah helped me break a pitch problem by increasing my awareness of how to listen. I realized that my issues with my public speaking voice were caused in large part by my ear and my voice being out of sync (pitch problem). Though she's a no-nonsense pro, her kindness, and compassion made it a delight to work with her. Deborah is a wonderfully caring teacher with a gift for holding a safe, judgment free, and loving space for those aspiring to find their voice, and to have fun in the process.”
                                        ~ George Carver, Investment Planner & Improv Actor

"Great results, high integrity, creative!"
While studying singing with Deborah, my pitch and vocal quality improved tremendously. I also began writing lyrics and became more confident in my jazz interpretation and expression vocally. My work with her also helped me to get my breath support back in shape, which also helps me with all the professional presentations that I do. 
Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative!” 
                                               ~ Stacy Fisher, Senior VP Wells Fargo Bank

Individual Coaching  

  • personal style
  • pitch awareness
  • musical technique 
  • creative interpretation
  • microphone technique
  • stage presence
  • song selections and keys
  • how to work with your band
  • emotional and physical balance
Photos from Diva Night Performance, June 2014