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With a voice that transcends time, and a passion for storytelling through music, critically-acclaimed jazz singer, songwriter, and musician, Deborah Winters, invites you to explore her dynamic musical world.

Variety and versatility characterize Deborah's musical stylings; from straight-ahead jazz to inspirational, to folk and rock, she continues to dazzle and uplift her audiences at  music festivals, concert halls, churches, and house concerts.


As a highly sought-after vocal coach working with a broad array of musical styles, Deborah's passion for teaching and developing up-and-coming vocalists keeps her and her students constantly striving for new performance heights.


If you're not already a fan, this is the place to discover the inimitable musical artistry of Deborah Winters!

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The passing of the grand jazz divas of the historic yesteryears (Ella, Dinah, Sarah,

Carmen, Billie, Shirley, et al) has stimulated a persistent, congested long line of aspiring

singers eager to fill a vacated seat and spotlight. A strong singer deserves due

attention and recognition. Deborah Winters in an easy nominee for one of the coveted

seats. Her sensational attributes on this CD speak with convincing eloquence

and a soulful jazz-spirited attitude.  -Dr. Herb Wong

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